Appunti di Viaggio 2

Descrição do video

The film “Journey Notes” original title “Appunti di viaggio” follows a series of works in which the director Andrea Natale showed original variations on the theme of the disease, which turns without rhetoric into a discovery tool and regeneration: blindness, autism, gambling addiction, narcolepsy and even other social issues, such as the mafia, adoption, war, etc. Giulio Neglia is Giovanni Del Bello, the star of “Appunti di Viaggio”, a famous reviewer of hotels apparently it suffers of mysophobia, wich is the fear of physical contact with other people. The young hotel manager – played by Edoardo Purgatori – and his staff – Michele-Emanuele di Luca, the receptionist Matteo Milani, the waitress Camilla Bianchini and the employee Felice Capogrosso – will be sorely tested by the reviewer. The journey begins and ends with the same taxi driver, Marco Patania, showing that even our perception of others, like that of Giovanni, comes from our state of mind.


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